Four Business Solutions is a Business Process Improvement company that can enhance your Finance, Supply Chain and Operational processes. We operate extensively across the globe and offer Business Process Intelligence solutions to meet your enterprise needs for financial and operational control. Four works primarily with Microsoft and Oracle-based technologies and software. Four has a wide range of technology partners and remains technology agnostic, and service is at the very centre of everything we do.

Why Contract Insight

The Contract Insight contract management software is designed from the ground up to save your organisation money while maximising your productivity. Contract Insight is used by clients in nearly every industry, each boasting long track records of success and references – Now that is experience you can rely on.

Contract Insight Enterprise

Designed with an easy-to-use interface and scalable features to fit organisations of all sizes, Contract Insight includes features to fit organisations that need to quickly manage their contracts with a ‘best value’ contract software system, plus it includes flexible workflow, templates, data integration and negotiation portals.

Become a Partner

Contract Lifecycle Management is increasingly accepted as the way businesses want to manage, track, process contracts and related procedures. At Four, we have seen this rising growth, as businesses become more risk adverse, look to streamline the way they manage and process their contracts and in turn making them easier to contract with.


Four Business Solutions offers system planning services to organisations seeking guidance in assessing their contract management requirements and wants.

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Deploying and implementing software systems can be daunting for organisations no matter their size. Our focus is to alleviate the stress and complexities of these tasks.


Four Business Solution’s education and training offerings are designed to maximise your organisation’s investment by improving the efficiency of employees and business users.

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